Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is Transformation?

Transformation is:
Recognizing the life of God within me as a beliver and then discovering how I can respond to the work of God's Spirit within me. 

"Transformation is about God doing something in me and me cooperating with Him"

From: "The Transformational Church" 

Have you checked out Ed Stetzer's blog yet?  It is great!!

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  1. Read this in Beth Moore's "Daniel" study..."God will do what He planned, but by God's sovereign allowance, man can greatly impact:
    whom He'll use,
    when He'll move, and
    how He'll act.
    ...a mysterious and wonderful balance between God's will and man's choice."

    How to do this?, one may ask. According to Dan. 10:12 first set your heart to gain understanding, second humble yourself.

    Ouch...that humble thing again. But I guess it's either Humble or Stumble when we sign up to be a part of His plan. (may I mention the benefits are unbelievable!)

    Here it is once more...choices:
    Learn or Turn,
    Humble or Stumble,
    Follow or Wallow.

    It seems that Josh. 24:15, choose this day whom you will serve, is not just one choice, but three!